Custom 360 Degree Feedback Assessments

With our flexible 360 degree feedback platform, you can have a custom 360 assessment that precisely matches your brand, process and culture.

Our flexible administration, scoring and reporting engine can create a custom 360 tool that matches the unique way you deliver your programmes. All we need are your branding requirements, scales, competencies and question items.

Or if you know you want a custom 360 but are not sure where to start, our licensed organisational psychologists can provide advice on everything from questionnaire design to administrative procedure to feedback best practices. We’re here to help you avoid potential pitfalls and maximise the effectiveness of the 360-degree feedback intervention.

Utilize the reporting options within our standard templates or provide us with your desired output and our team can create something highly bespoke for you.

Because our system is fully automated, you can concentrate on the critical areas of 360 appraisals – actual feedback and performance improvement – and minimise the amount of time spent on administrative work.

What are the benefits?

International: You can create your 360-degree feedback assessment in any number of languages, which makes it ideal for global development programs

Customisable: Every aspect of your assessment is customisable, just let us know what you want. Contact us for more details about our customisation

Robust Platform: We’ve processed feedback from over a million respondents on our platforms; they won’t let you down.

Data Security: You can trust us with your data. We are ISO27001 certified. This means that we take data security very seriously and follow international information security best practices

Experienced: When you decide to work with us, you also get over 30 years experience in 360-degree feedback too. We are here to help with your projects and questions

What customisation options do you offer?

We understand that you want the assessments you use to look and feel like the organisation or brand they are being used with. We therefore offer a large range of customisation options to accommodate your precise needs. If you don’t see what you want here it doesn’t mean we don’t do it, just ask us.

Branding: we can brand the whole 360-degree feedback experience to your organisation. Your colours, logo, other images or models you want included, your language… All of it can all be tailored as you require.

Reporting Options: we have a vast choice of reporting options to choose from, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for let us create it for you. Ask us for more details.

Sample customview 360 report v1
Sample customview 360 report v2
Sample customview 360 report v3

Composite Data: Individual reports are great for the participant but how else would you like to see the 360 data, this could include team or program data. As well as individual reports, we can produce comparison reports, ranking report, raw data and more. Make sure you discuss this with us right at the start of the process so we can build it into your programme.

Set up: Customise your setup, you can alter the email communication that goes out to participants, nomination text, the welcome text and more. Rater categories can be customized to fit your organisation's language.

Processes: We want your 360-degree feedback process to run in the way you want it to. That’s why we tailor our processes too. Some of our options around processes include:

Rater nominations: who would you like to nominate raters? This could be the participant's, line manager, HR and would you like raters to be approved by anyone else in the organisation? We have the functionality for manager approval and facilitator approval if you do.

Report distribution: How and when would you like the reports to be distributed and who would you like them distributed to?

Post-360 process: What is the process after the 360, how will participants be debriefed?

Timing: When would you like invitations and reminders to be sent?

These are just some of our options for customisation around your specific processes.


Our pricing is based on volume and customisation is charged separately as a one off fee. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How do I start?

There is no specific training required for our 360-degree feedback assessments, so you can access those assessments and start your projects immediately, just contact us.

You will need to decide how you want to create your 360-degree feedback assessment. Do you want to create something entirely from scratch or build your 360 using our competency library of validated questions? Whichever you choose we can support you along the way.

If you are new to 360-degree feedback, we recommend attending one of our certification courses. We provide training on our 360-degree feedback assessments, 360 more generally and our administration platforms. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

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