Sales Manager View 360

Sales Manager View 360 focuses on the competencies required to be an effective sales manager. This is often quite different from those required of non-managerial sales staff.

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Reliable and valid: Sales Manager View 360 has been through a rigorous validation process. If you're interested, please contact us for the validation report.

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Audience Sales Managers, Supervisors
Uses Sales management and leadership development programs, coaching programs
Number of competencies 3
Number of Questions 91
Time to complete 20 minutes
Scale 1 to 5 positively worded frequency scale
Languages English (US) Spanish

Sales Manager View 360 Competencies

The competencies measured by Sales Manager View 360 are:

Sales Performance Leadership

Focuses on bottom-line results and achievement of sales goals. Sets and pursues aggressive sales goals. Monitors and addresses sales team and organizational performance issues.

Seeks opportunities to expand existing sales. Ability to identify and communicate achievable sales strategies and initiatives. Identifies potential risks and opportunities to achieve sales goals and objectives.

Analyzes situations, identifies alternative solutions, and develops specific actions; Gathers and utilizes available information in order to understand and solve organizational issues and problems.

Commits to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; Builds and maintains customer satisfaction with the products and services.

Expands sales within existing accounts and develops relationships with key decision makers; Understands and responds to customer needs and tracks/monitors account activity; Uses analysis to identify and grow sales opportunities.

Interpersonal Leadership

Ability to effectively manage interpersonal relations in a cooperative, sensitive and collaborative manner. Seeks to listen and understand diverse viewpoints; Expresses sensitivity and empathy towards others.

Ability to present individual and organizational viewpoints to groups in a clear and persuasive manner. Ability to express written thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. Ability to convey oral thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Involves sales team members in organizational planning, decision making and problem solving processes. Rewards and recognizes performance in a timely and appropriate manner.

Utilizes appropriate interpersonal styles and approaches in facilitating the team towards achievement of sales goals and targets.

Ability to attract, develop and retain sales talent. Ability to coach, train and develop others.

Ability to create and develop engaged, cohesive, and high performance sales teams.

Provides sales team members with regular and timely feedback on their performance and offers support when individuals are confronted with problems.

Intrapersonal Leadership

Ability to effectively manage one's own time, energy and abilities for continuous personal growth and maximum performance.

Ability to maintain balance and performance under pressure and stress. Ability to effectively cope with ambiguity and change in a constructive manner.

Acts with courage. Confronts difficult issues and takes constructive and responsible action. Acts with integrity. Displays honesty and candor.

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