About Us

Our mission at Envisia Learning is to enable you to assess participants, change behavior and measure ROI in ways that match your unique methods of delivering programs. We’re an assessment and technology company that understands your business, your challenges and what you’re expected to achieve.

Our Experience

We were one of the first companies to put the 360-degree feedback process online back in 1997. In the decades since, we’ve run custom assessment processes and reports for thousands of programmes all over the world.

Our team consists of psychologists and neuroscientists who both understand and undertake the latest research behind assessments and know how to get results. Our experienced team of implementation consultants, project managers and customer service staff can help with initial design and set-up and we can project manage your project, or provide support for you if you decide to use our platform in-house. We have a long-standing team of in-house software developers who have extensive experience in online assessment development.

We’ve also built our own line of products designed to leverage technology and incorporate best practices and theory to help leaders understand what they are good at and what they need to work on. Then we give leaders tools and guidance to change behavior with minimal disruptions to their day-to-day work.

Whether you use one of our off the shelf products or we create something custom just for you, we always aim to provide high-quality assessment and technology platforms coupled with great customer service so that you can comfortably focus on building better leaders. We’re comfortable helping you decide the best way to integrate assessments into your programs, or we can simply follow your lead.

We’d love to hear more around what you might be looking to implement and to share more around the flexibility and service that we offer. Contact Us today to learn more.