Team View 360

Team View 360 is the only 360-degree feedback assessment specifically developed to enhance the function of an intact team. It provides a snapshot of how everyone sees the team performing and also lets individuals know how their contributions to the team are viewed.

What are the benefits?

Reliable and valid: Team View 360 has been through a rigorous validation process. If you're interested, please contact us for the validation report.

Customisable: Even though Team View 360 is an off-the-shelf 360-degree feedback assessment, we do offer some customisation options. See our customisation section for more details.

Secure: You can trust us with your data. We are ISO27001 certified. This means that we take data security very seriously and follow international information security best practices.


Audience Existing Teams
Uses Team Development and enhancing the function of an intact team
Number of competencies 7
Number of Questions 31
Time to complete 10 minutes
Scale 1 to 5 effectiveness scale
Languages Danish English (UK) English (US) German Hungarian Spanish Turkish Finnish

Team View 360 Competencies

The competencies measured by Team View 360 are:


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Team View 360 Pricing

Team View 360 pricing is based on volume. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How do I start?

There is no training or certification required to purchase Team View 360 (or any of our off-the-shelf 360-degree feedback assessments), just contact us to get started.

If you are new to 360-degree feedback we recommend attending one of our certification courses. We provide training on our 360-degree feedback assessments, 360 more generally and our administration platforms. Please contact us to learn more.