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360 Degree Feedback for Leadership Development

Ensuring leaders get the insights and resources they need to succeed.

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When Your 360 Degree Feedback Process Fails, There Can Be Unforeseen Consequences

Increased Stress

When not done well, managing the fallout from a poorly executed process can lead to significant extra stress and pressure.

Eroded Trust

Participants lose faith in a 360 lacking anonymity, accuracy, and constructive feedback reducing the chance of success in the future

Your Reputation

An imperfect or flawed implementation can also cast doubts on your own expertise, potentially causing others to question your proficiency.

Transformative Feedback For Your Leaders: Seamless, Timely, And Tailored.


Organisational Excellence

When leaders fully understand their strengths and how to develop them, they not only become more effective in their roles but also inspire their teams to reach new heights.


Informed Leadership Growth

Equip your leaders with clear insights into their own strengths and development areas, complemented by a debrief with our experts resulting in a bespoke action plan.


Effortless Execution

Ensure a smooth running 360 Degree Feedback process with our team doing as much or as little as you like, with minimal disruptions and on-time report delivery.

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Envisia Learning has made 360 Degree Feedback stress free for hundreds of organisations just like yours. We’ve been doing online 360 Degree Feedback longer than anyone else.


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Our 360 Degree Feedback Solutions

Your Own 360

From content to design to process, we can create and manage a 360 Degree Feedback experience to match your unique leadership frameworks either from a questionnaire you bring to us, or in designing one with you.

Build From Our Library

Our online library consists of over 1,000 behavioural items mapped to over 70 competencies, enabling you to create your own 360 questionnaire from tied and tested items, also saving considerable time and cost.

Validated Assessments

Choose from our portfolio of validated 360 tools covering all organisational levels and specific job roles. These ready to go tools can be implemented quickly.

It’s Easy To Get Started

Step 1.

Schedule a Call

Share your unique situation and goals.

Step 2.

Tell Us About Your Project

Choose one of our validated tools or discover how to create your own custom 360.

Step 3.

Review Our Proposal

Get a clear picture of what working together will look like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do! Our platform supports fully customised assessments. You can customise as much or as little as you wish. Many clients like our ‘standard’ approach to 360 Degree Feedback built on over 25 years of online assessment. We have a number of different report format options available to choose from where you can ‘drop’ your custom assessment into our standard templates, configuring with your logos, colours, text etc for both data collection and reporting needs. Some clients seek something more custom and unique to them, and we can also customise against your exact needs.
We have a number of different assessments based upon different competency frameworks, across different job levels and specific areas such as Emotional Intelligence, Sales, Diversity and Inclusion. We can also adapt our standard frameworks to meet your needs by adding or removing behaviours.
Yes we can! We have worked with many organisations who have come to us with an existing competency framework and sought our help in designing a set of behavioural questions to make up a 360. We have a team of psychologists and consultants with experience in questionnaire design and can assist with refining a draft you have or propose a full set of questions. We also have a database of tried and testing items that we can draw upon or make available to you.
No. We can provide training on how to use, administer and debrief a 360 Degree Feedback report if required, but we don’t insist on it to be able to use our assessments or platform. Where we do offer training, it can be delivered in person or remote and is flexible around your own needs.
Yes we do! We have a pool of experienced coaches with fully equipped to provide individual 360 debriefs as well as follow-on coaching. Typically this is conducted remotely and we provide both a coaching platform to aid booking and administration as well as the platform to facilitate the session. Our coach pool is across different countries, cultures, languages and industries.
We are very flexible in our approach. We can embed an organisation’s own action plan within our individual feedback reports or provide one of our own. We have developed our own goal setting and action planning online platform ‘Talent Accelerator’ which can be used alongside 360 Degree Feedback to support goal setting and development planning.
Often this is as much around client readiness as it is the set-up time on our end. For our ready to go assessments we can get you up and running in as quickly as 24 hours. For a custom assessment we typically ask for up to two-weeks when your assessment fits our standard templates, for a more highly bespoke customised report against your own design we would need longer and can advise as part of a quote.
How involved you are is entirely up to you. Our experienced project team takes care of the process from start to finish, sending invitations, tracking status, sending reminders, and producing individual feedback reports upon completion. You will have up-to-date status reports should you wish to help with follow-up.
We aim to keep our pricing simple. We charge per-participant going through an assessment (any number of respondents) and offer volume discounts for larger projects. For our ready-to-go assessments there is no set-up fee and for a custom assessment there will be a one-off initial fee to cover the set-up time. Hosting and support time (within reason) is included.
We focus heavily on data security and compliance. We have our own dedicated servers hosted within a secure Tier 3 Data Center. We are ISO 27001 certified and audited annually against this standard. Our assessment platform is externally penetration tested for security by a CREST approved cyber security third party. We are also GDPR compliant with appropriate controls and policies in place.


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